Neogrid Technologies ApS is an entrepreneur company working with intelligent energy visualisation, monitoring and control, utilising knowhow within wireless communication technology to develop Smart Grid solutions.

We develop intelligent forecast based energy management systems for both consumers, energy companies and 3rd party actors, enabling home energy management capabilities for house owners and large scale monitoring – allowing optimised individual and aggregated controlling. This consists of a data acquisition platform and online control-interface. It includes advanced analytics, which are able to forecast energy consumption and flexibility, based on individual house modelling and advanced model predictive control.

The aim is to enable the user to monitor, plan and even shift energy consumption based on knowledge of price, average consumption patterns and conditions, allowing for cost reduction and increased control and overview. The integration between hardware and software goes well with the background and experience of the people behind Neogrid Technologies.


The solutions we provide



Forecast based home energy management
with weather compensation


PreHeat for Heat Pumps

Forecast based home energy management
With weather compensation



Pool aggregation and Heat Pump control

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