28  June 2016 14:06 article translated from energy-supply.dk

A heat pump and a brine solution will replace oil burners

Currently prototypes are tested in the workshop – in autumn the solution will be deployed in the Danish housing

Suntherm in Højslev near Skive has developed a heating solution that cunningly replaces oil burners in single family houses.

The heating solution, which has just received the WWF Climate Solver price on the Nordic Cleantech Open in Malmö is based on thermal solar panels, a heat pump and a brine solution, which acts as a heat battery.

“We can store 25 kWh in molten salt and store it for several days. Once there is a surplus on the grid we start the heat pump and store the heat for release at night”, says Morten Veis Donnerup.

Additionally, Suntherm will control the heat pump so that it produces heat when it makes the most sense, using weather forecasts and electricity prices.

“If we can see a warm afternoon coming, we switch off the heat pump and store the heat in the battery until it gets cold. That way we get the maximum out of the heat pump”, says Morten Veis Donnerup.

Build the system themselves

It is the trio Morten Veis Donnerup, Knud Vandsø Madsen and Jeppe Ladefoged, who together developed the solution. They are also currently responsible for the production of the system.

“We get components from subcontractors and right now, it is us, who build the plants, but that is not how it is going to continue. We have no ambition to be manufacturers.”, states Morten Veis Donnerup.

Eventually, it will most likely become a subcontractor, who takes care of the integration of the various elements within the system.

Testing prototypes

The workshop in Højslev does not only assemble the plants, currently it is also testing prototypes, but this fall the solution will be out and stand on its own feet.

“We will deploy the solution to five households in the fall. We do this in collaboration with Insero and Neogrid Technologies in a ForskEl project”, says Morten Veis.

After the five plants in autumn, Suntherm has bigger plans.

Then it is deployed more broadly. We would like to find a village where we could test the concept on a larger scale. This has to be a substitute for oil-burners. That’s what we need to work on for next year”, says Morten Veis.

Our contribution

Neogrid participates o the development process, where we provides the technologies needed for data collection, monitoring, remote communication and control of the heat pumps via our servers.

Morten Veis Donnerup, Knud Madsen and Jeppe Ladefoged with the WWF Climate Solver price.

PreHEAT for your heat pumps

If your heat pumps have integrated components (e.g sensors and intelligent data collection), PreHEAT can easily be integrated into your solution without installing additional equipment. Communication with Neogrid servers will allow us to turn your data into optimised planning and calculation of the energy consumption.

If your heat pumps do not have the required integrated components, integrating PreHEAT can easily be done by adding our software boxes and sensors. This will ensure that you get a suitable setup to benefit from the forecast based energy management.