Pool aggregation and Heat Pump control

How the aggregator works

The aggregator is a cloud-based solution for administrating and controlling a large pool of heat pumps. The aim is to attain better prices or other benefits by trading energy on the different electricity markets such as day-ahead or intraday.

The aggregator collects and includes data from weather and price forecasts in order to assess when it is most profitable to move energy consumption. Overall information and historical data are also collected to ensure optimisation of the pool.

Data is also collected from the heat pumps individually. Their respective requirements and comfort settings such as room temperature, allowable temperature, and prioritization of domestic water heating set by the user are also taken into account to ensure maximum comfort.

The aggregator analyses when it makes the most sense to move energy consumption and still comply with the reference plan from the Balance Responsible Parties (BRP).

Every hour, the aggregator will be estimating how much the margin is in relation to increasing or decreasing the consumption in particular hours. This information is helpful when making bids and trading energy on the electricity markets.

The aggregator controls the pool of heat pumps in consideration to the estimated consumption that is reported day-ahead to the BRP and activates the heat pumps to ensure that the overall power reference is kept at all times.