PreHeat for Heat Pumps

Forecast based home energy management
With weather compensation

PreHEAT for your Heat Pumps

If your heat pumps have integrated components (e.g. sensors and intelligent data collection), PreHEAT can easily be integrated into your solution without installing additional equipment. Communication with Neogrid servers will allow us to turn your data into optimized planning and calculation of the energy consumption.

If your heat pumps do not have the required integrated components, integrating PreHEAT can easily be done by adding our IoT boxes and sensors. This will ensure that you get a suitable setup to benefit from the forecast based energy management.

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New Invention Paves the Way for Heat Pumps

Neogrid joined Suntherm in a ForskEl project and participated in the development of a new type of heat pump based on thermal solar panels and storage based on a brine solution, which acts as a heat battery that is able to store 25 kWh in molten salt for several days.

When there is a surplus on the grid, the heat pump will be started and the heat will be stored in the salt and released during the night or later. The heat pump will be controlled to only produce heat when it is most efficient, using weather forecasts and electricity prices – that way the heat pump becomes very energy efficient.

The heating solution has received the WWF Climate Solver price at the Nordic Cleantech Open in Malmö.

Article about the new invention

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Our contribution

Neogrid participated in the development process of the ForskEl project, where we provided the technologies needed for data collection, monitoring, remote communication and control of the heat pumps via our servers.