Forecast based home energy management
with weather compensation

Intelligent energy management for home users

PreHeat is a smart and self-learning forecast based solution that looks into the future and bases the energy consumption on weather forecasts.

PreHeat ensures a more energy efficient housing by reducing and utilising your heating better without sacrificing comfort. Preheat manages the energy supply in the home based on weather forecasts, knowledge of the house and temperatures, which minimises heat spill.

Depending on the nature of the housing, PreHeat can reduce energy consumption for heating by up to 20%. The biggest savings will be achieved in homes with lower energy label as the forecast based energy management ensures a much better energy usage.

Self-learning forecasting system

PreHeat builds up knowledge about the thermal properties of the house, such as degree of insulation, the influence of the sun, wind, outside temperature and user behaviour in the house. PreHeat combines this knowledge and weather forecasts to estimate the amount of energy needed to maintain a good comfort in the house. Forecast management reduces heat spill and utilises free heat from the sun optimally, which profits both your wallet and the planet.

Reducing temperature fluctuations

Over time, PreHeat will learn to know the house so that it can organise and manage the heating based on something happening in the future. If PreHeat knows that the sun begins to shine early in the afternoon, the energy delivered to the house can be limited already in the morning to avoid heat spill because the house gets too hot.

Weather compensation

Weather compensation is a method to adjust the inlet temperature to the current need based on the outdoor temperature

Save Energy

PreHeat ensures a better understanding of how energy is used and is offering energy advice for how your consumption can be optimised to achieve more savings.

Overview and remote control

In the PreHeat app, it is possible to keep an eye on how the heating of the house is organised and see the history of how it has been running. You can see your consumption data with graphs that display your hourly, weekly, monthly and annual consumption. PreHeat also alerts in case of unintended consumption.

Cloud based solution

PreHeat consists of a small hardware box that communicates with Neogrid’s servers via the Internet. The heavy mathematical calculations for the house’s dynamic heating requirements are calculated by Neogrid, to plan for how the house must be heated in the coming period. The calculations take into account the weather conditions, the house’s thermal inertia and user behaviour.

Easy to setup and operate

No heavy intervention on the heating system is needed, as the installation just requires to put up a new thermostat. Self-learning operational optimisation is then made by the system itself.

New comfort levels can easily be set in the app. For example, night setback or lowering the temperature when no one is home. PreHeat can also set the house to be heated when the family returns from work or a longer holiday.

 The PreHeat App

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The PreHeat devices

Sensor – gateway – motor operated valve


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to follow consumption
  • Saving money without any changes in user behaviour
  • Ensuring a more energy efficient housing